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$7 cab
$7 cab

Fri, Dec 04


Music Factory Herisau

$7 cab

The Lucerne indie band recently released their fourth album! Admission CHF 20.-

Zeit & Ort

Dec 04, 2020, 9:00 PM

Music Factory Herisau, 9100 Herisau, Switzerland

Über die Veranstaltung

"They've been together for a proud 15 years, and they still want to know. What's your secret to keeping the band together? "It takes luck above all," says Tizian von Arx, "and it takes a few different characters in a band that their respective talents contribute to the successful whole.» They themselves are "a family, like brothers" (in his case even physically). There can be arguments and stress, but only for a short time, then everything is fine again. Since they were teenagers, along with singer Tizian, his brother César on bass, Christoph Zurflüh on guitar, Simon Wigger on drums - the original line-up. Keyboarder Ralph Zöllig is new and the youngest at 28. The five of them took their time for "Bomb Shelter Romance”. In two tranches and with a generous time interval a total of twelve songs were formed over a two-year period until they were ready for an album. Their goal: "We wanted to make a rock album." That means a little "more riff music, more steam". This time they would have thought about what makes 7 Dollar Taxi in the external perception: a band that rocks on stage. On the record there were always songs that weren't necessarily for that were representative because they were too poppy. So they stormed ahead with their new album, which, despite its crispness, does not shy away from the melody, in the usual catchy, sophisticated songs." Urs Hangartner

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