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Malenco / live concert
Malenco / live concert

Sat, Apr 09



Malenco / live concert

Live in concert: Malenco A bit of Wild West romance and an impressive coolness that puts everything in the shade. Malenco is a cool sock. Door opening: 1700 Start of concert: 2030 Admission 10.-- CHF

Zeit & Ort

Apr 09, 2022, 8:30 PM

herisau, Industriestrasse 28, 9100 Herisau, Switzerland

Über die Veranstaltung

Entrance fee: 10.-- CHF

Malenco's guitar accompaniment is really tasteful and skillful, his warm vocals hovers somewhere between Jim Croce and Rodriguez, the percussive instruments used on the recordings were guitar cases, glass bottles, boards and stones. Strong!

Guitar & Bass 10/2019

BERRIES FOR THE OLD TOWN   is a celebration for all fans of Americana, roots and country sounds. Malenco writes good songs without mercy.

One of the last classic singer-songwriters

German record prize song

Melodious folk songs, bluesy, bouncy tracks, driving country numbers, swift fingerpicking guitar work and simply knitted beats - although guitar cases, boards, stones and other things also had to serve as percussive elements. This is how you could succinctly summarize the ten “berry songs” on the album, which just keep getting better the longer you listen to them.

Cornelius Räber, Die Suedostschweiz

Malenco, who also wrote all 10 songs, inspires with the guitars - whether rhythm, sometimes almost sounding like a double bass, whether on the e-guitar or on the slide. An all-round successful album, which definitely makes you want more!

Dieter Mühlena,

Thank you deeply for this very interesting yet unusual album of great american......

Remo Ricaldone, Italy /american roots Italia

A bit of Wild West romance and an impressive   coolness that overshadows everything. Malenco is a cool sock.

Christian Imhof,

Unaffected, authentic, fascinating at times - it's not far to the class of compatriot Hank Shizzoe

Good Times Magazine / 10.2019

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